Our Philosophy​

We respect and value children’s ​individual needs and abilities. Your ​children are taught in small groups to ​ensure every child’s need is attended to; We encourage our children to develop the habit of reading. Reading not only helps children expand their vocabulary, it also inspires them with creative ideas and exposes them to new writing styles; We believe your children’s attitude determine their learning ability and willingness to learn. We are committed to help your children develop a positive attitude. We are not only build up their self-esteem and confidence, but also help them face the challenges associated with growing up.




To ensure every kid is loved, ​respected, nurtured and taught in a native English environment; To provide a learning environment that is fulfilling, enriching and supportive of all possible learning opportunities; To develop your child to be a ​whole child, equipped with knowledge, skills and a positive attitude. This will allow them to become an independent, self-confident, and loving person; To build up your children’s confidence in communication using English through our stimulating and comprehensive programs.



  • Your children will learn English from our native English teachers;

Ap Lei Chau: Shop 110, West Commercial Centre, Marina Square, South Horizons.
Central: Shop 2, G/F, Dragon Court, 28 Caine Road, Mid-levels, Hong Kong

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