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Our mission is to nurture and discover the potential of individuals; we build characters and confidence that help them make life decisions. Our goal is to make childhood a wonderful and rich experience for every child and guide your children with love and understanding as mentor, NOT just teacher nor tutor.

Mentorhood Mathematics Introduction [English]

Mentorhood is a place for children mastering their Mathematical skills to build a solid foundation for their future. By identifying students' individual needs and selecting a suitable program, Math becomes their interest and inspiration which leads them to be innovators and creative problem solvers. Mentorhood Math Programs include:- Elite Math Programs for high performing students- Skills Focused Courses for students who needs improvement in particular Math topic- Tutoring Services for advancing the school or exam curriculums (Canadian School Board, IB PYP MYP DP, IGCSE, ALEVEL, SAT, Hong Kong School Board etc.)- International Math Battle Preparation CoursesFor more details please visit:www.mentorhoodmath.comClass Locations:Hong Kong. Toronto. Vancouver

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Our goal is to make childhood a wonderful and rich experience for every child who enters our doors! Your children will be able to exert their potential and unlimited imagination, creativity and thinking skills accompanied by our mentors.



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Mentorhood Learning Center