For Creativeland’s students to grow with curious and passionate thirst for knowledge. It is our vision that our students go on to live a life in which they have a keen eye for creativity and innovative thought. This will contribute to their own enriched worldviews and senses of self-confidence, as well as to them becoming positive influences on the world around

Phonics testimonial

呢段片係我哋Creativeland其中一個拼音學生嘅例子。由第一堂有多字都讀唔出,直至上咗幾堂後,開始已經讀得順利好多。一睇就讀到,唔係靠背,全靠拼音。上多個幾月,就可以靠拼音閱讀成本書。如果你小朋友係死背英文字又或者讀字成日唔準確,咁你就要比佢哋學拼音喇。掌握得到之後,佢哋一定會覺得原來讀字可以咁容易,拼音真喺真心好有用㗎。我哋以家有免費拼音體驗堂,優惠期到5月31日。淨喺拼音班先有㗎咋。快啲打嚟預約試堂啦。如果想要詳細資料及了解一下,可以whatsapp或打俾我哋。電話:3618-4870 Whatsapp:5703-5033The above video is a testimonial of one of our Phonics students. You can see how he progressed from the first lesson to the twelfth lesson. He is now able to blend words independently with the Phonics techniques he has learnt.If you want your child to do the same, then you should have them join our Phonics program. From now till May 31st, 2018, we are offering free Phonics trial lessons for new students. Call us now for more information!Tel: 3618-4870 Whatsapp: 5703-5033

Posted by Creativeland English Education Center on Wednesday, 21 March 2018


To provide a safe, clean, and nurturing learning environment for our students. We strive to create an atmosphere in which our students will develop the confidene and independence to exel in their lifelong learning journeys. While venturing through our dynamic and stimulating curriculum, students at Creativeland will be encouraged to follow their passions, to collaborate and share, all while reinforcing politeness, caring, and mutual respect. All of this will be done in an English immersion atmosphere in which teachers, parents, and students all embark on a fun and fulfilling learning journey together!



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