For Creativeland’s students to grow with curious and passionate thirst for knowledge. It is our vision that our students go on to live a life in which they have a keen eye for creativity and innovative thought. This will contribute to their own enriched worldviews and senses of self-confidence, as well as to them becoming positive influences on the world around


To provide a safe, clean, and nurturing learning environment for our students. We strive to create an atmosphere in which our students will develop the confidene and independence to exel in their lifelong learning journeys. While venturing through our dynamic and stimulating curriculum, students at Creativeland will be encouraged to follow their passions, to collaborate and share, all while reinforcing politeness, caring, and mutual respect. All of this will be done in an English immersion atmosphere in which teachers, parents, and students all embark on a fun and fulfilling learning journey together!


6/F, Java Road 108 Commercial Centre,
108 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong

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